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Charlie Fuller & Dave Redemann's

Advanced Undercover Techniques and Survival
A New and Updated Five Day Training Program 

May 12 - 16, 2014
Edmonton, AB, Canada

A five day (36 hours) training program designed for law enforcement officers who are beginning to work undercover or have worked undercover for some time.  The basic portion of the course will be essential for newer undercover officers and definitely provide veterans with a solid reminder of important principles of working undercover.  The course will move into advanced undercover techniques and audio/video surveillance techniques which are rapidly changing with the introduction of new technology.  The "survival" portion of the classroom instruction will definitely impact all undercover officers and assist them in keeping themselves safe while working in undercover operations.

Officers who participate in covert operations are not born with the talents needed to perform effectively and safely in undercover situations. These talents are developed from experience, hard work and training. This program will provide officers with the techniques and survival tactics necessary to to develop or compliment their present undercover experience. Many times this can make the difference between success or failure and safety or injury.


CHARLIE FULLER - Retired Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Special Agent. Charlie has 27 years of law enforcement experience with expertise in undercover, electronic surveillance and training. He was a Program Manager at the ATF National Academy for six years. He was responsible for the Undercover and Field Operations Training Programs. He is the author of The Art of Undercover: Techniques and Survival, a complete "how to" work undercover textbook. Charlie currently presents undercover, electronic surveillance, physical surveillance and high risk entry tactics training programs nationwide.

DAVE REDEMANN - Detective, Seattle Police Department. Dave is assigned to a special undercover unit. Dave has worked numerous long term “deep cover” undercover operations for federal agencies, one of which was 4 years in duration, and another was a year-long “Storefront” operation. Dave has been involved in undercover operations most of his 28 years of law enforcement experience. He designed and presents an 80 hour Basic and Advanced Undercover School for the State of Washington and Seattle Police Department, where he developed his reputation as a skilled instructor. He also instructs a 4-day “practical” Surveillance School, and a 2-Day “hands on” Undercover Defensive Tactics School for the International Association of Undercover Officers.

Your Department does not have any travel money?  No problem, all of our training programs can be exported to your area.  For information, e-mail:


  • Covert Operations - Common Sense/Policy Issues - Lust for the Bust Issues
  • How to Make the Transition from Patrol to Covert Ops
  • Informants - How to develop and control CI's
  • Unique Approaches to The Violator
  • Undercover Background, Role and Identity
  • Special Undercover Techniques - Learning to Act/The Art of Undercover
  • Ethics in Undercover Operations - Honesty/Testimony
  • Undercover Officer Survival Techniques - Assessing Risks/Planning High Risk Events
  • Force on Force Techniques - Reactive vs Pro-active
  • Props - When and How to Use Them
  • Audio/Video Electronic Surveillance Equipment & Techniques
  • Planning Undercover Operations
  • The Psychology of Winning
  • Legal and Testifying in Court - Getting Ready for Court - Overcoming Defense Attorneys
  • Post Incident Procedures - What to do After Violent Incident Occurs
  • Undercover Checklist and Risk Analysis
  • Psychological Affects of Undercover Operations - Getting Out of Role

Registration Information

Registration fee for the five day training program is $475.00 US Dollars (Approximately $495 Canadian Dollars) per person, if pre-paid or paid at registration.  If your department has to be invoiced after the start of the course, the tuition cost is $525.00 US Dollars.  We accept cash, check or Visa/MasterCard.  Group discounts are also available.  Tuition cost includes the cost of the instruction, handout materials, copy of The Art of Undercover: Techniques and Survival, and certificate of completion.  All checks or purchase orders must be made payable to The International Association of Undercover Officers (IAUO). For further information, call Charlie at 800-876-5943 or e-mail at

               Attendance is limited. Register early to insure your attendance.

Training Site and Hotel Info

The training will be held at Alberta Specialized Law Enforcement Training, 18807 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB T5S 0C1.
Due to Mothers Day being Sunday, May 11, 2014, class on Monday will begin at 10:00 AM.  Tuesday through Thursday will be held from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and Friday class will conclude at 2:30 PM. Dress is casual.

The Marriott Courtyard West Edmonton, 10011 184th St, Edmonton, AB, has a rate of $139 for the training event.  To make your reservations please call them at 780-509-3050 and use Booking Code "ALERT" to obtain this special rate.

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