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Interview and Interrogation for Women
July 21 - 25, 2014
North Texas HIDTA     Irving, TX

TCLOSE credit is available to qualified students.

A five-day (36 hours) training program designed for female law enforcement officers who intend to or routinely participate in covert undercover operations and interview and interrogate witnesses and suspects. When looked at closely, a typical undercover meeting between an undercover officer and a suspect is basically an interview or interrogation. Not in the formal sense but in the casual conversations used to gather verbal evidence during the undercover part of the investigation. Learning how to intensely interview someone who does not even realize they are being interviewed is a special skill that requires training in how to structure questions, observe body language, wait for response, evaluate the response, then follow up with the right questions.
Steve Rhoads has been recognized since 1978 as the leader in law enforcement training in Interview and Interrogation. The courses he offers continue to receive the highest evaluations for being the superior program for criminal justice practitioners. The International Association of Undercover Officers has partnered with Steve to bring you a training program that will not only make you better at interviews and interrogations, but will truly enhance your undercover operations.
This training is ONLY open to women law enforcement officers, prosecutors and intelligence analysts. Those that do not understand why it is only open to women will never understand until they attend a women only training program. Such an environment provides the women with an intense and personal training experience. Attendance is limited. Register early to ensure your attendance.

Ever wonder what the differences between this Interview & Interrogation training and The Reid System of Interviewing?  Click here to find out the significant differences!

Program Topics
• Develop Rapport - Gender Bias

• Recognize and Manipulate Personalities

• Recognize and Overcome Mental Defenses and Emotional Responses - Gender

• Understand the Basics of Gathering Information

• Detect Deception©

• Utilize the Systematic Interviewing Approach©

• Better Understand Verbal Communication

• Responses to Specific Statements of Deception

• Implement Subconscious Communication©

• Theme Building and Deception Detection

• Realize the Importance of Non-verbal Communication

• Body Language in the Communication Process

Registration and Hotel Information

The training will be held at The North Texas HIDTA Training Room, 8404 Esters Blvd., Suite 100, Irving, TX 75063. The registration fee for the five-day training program is $475.00 per person if paid prior to November 22, 2013. If your department has to be invoiced after the start of the course, the tuition cost is $525.00. We accept cash, check or Visa/MasterCard/Amex. Group discounts are available. Tuition cost includes the cost of the instruction, handout materials and certificate of completion. Registration fee also includes one-year complimentary membership in The International Association of Undercover Officers.
All checks or purchase orders must be made payable to The International Association of Undercover Officers (IAUO), and mailed to IAUO, 142 Banks Drive, Brunswick, GA 31523. For information call Charlie at 912-399-8996 (
Classes will be held daily from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, except Friday when class will conclude at 11:30AM.
For lodging, go to the North Texas HIDTA website ( and at the top of their Home Page is a link to nearby hotels. You should make your lodging arrangements as early as possible.


Chief Steven A. Rhoads, Ph.D – Chief Rhoads is undeniably one of the leading internationally recognized experts in the field of Interview and Interrogation, Subconscious Communication® and Body Language. An acknowledged leader in the law enforcement community he serves on several committees at the International, State and Local level. He is a certified police instructor in 17 States and has presented his material to agencies in all 50 states, every federal law enforcement agency and students from 67 foreign countries. Dr. Rhoads has served as an expert witness in court proceedings concerning these topics and the subject of physiological testing utilized in Driving Under the Influence cases. Rhoads has been recognized for solving many major felony crimes in several differing jurisdictions, including Senate Resolutions in the States of Mississippi and Illinois, using his Subconscious Communication® techniques. Chief Rhoads is a 3-time recipient of the Medal of Valor and numerous other awards and commendations. His techniques and successful application of these theories have been featured in newspapers throughout the US, he has served as a consultant to the "Montel" show, NBC and FOX television and has been featured in articles in the Chicago Tribune, Washington Times, Women's World Magazine and others. Steve Rhoads is a pilot, advanced scuba diver, amateur magician and professional rodeo clown.
E. James King - Mr. King brings to our group a very unparalleled combination of having served twenty-one years as a federal Special Agent and then moving into the prosecutor's office. Jim transferred from the Drug Enforcement Administration where he was instrumental in developing complex conspiracy cases using the resources of multi-agency participation to his position as Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan. Over the past eleven years he has established himself as a results oriented prosecutor and responsible for major indictments and convictions of major, violent gang and drug defendants. He has been awarded some of the most prestigious awards available in the Justice Department and is responsible for the development of several educational programs that have enhanced the mission of the US Attorney's and Justice Departments. He is an adjunct law professor at Michigan State University/Detroit College of Law.
TCLOSE credit is available to qualified students

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